I purchased a entirely  sizable propane fireplace from a friend

I purchased a entirely sizable propane fireplace from a friend

I have always been quite sensitive to aromas.

It makes doing just about anything or going just about someplace entirely difficult! Sometimes, I have to leave stores or weird peoples’ homes because of strong aromas, but they just make me really sick, & I entirely can’t help it.

I believe I made a mistake in buying a propane fireplace from one of my friends. I did not even believe about the fact that propane has a pretty strong aroma. I have aromaed propane before, & I am pretty sure that it made me quite sick. I just hope that the fireplace that I purchased from him does not put off a strong aroma. I doubt that I will be able to use it, however I absolutely hope so. It is nice, & it is entirely the greatest propane fireplace that I have ever seen. I am sure that it will do a great task of heating my entire downstairs, I am just not sure if I will be able to handle the aroma. I am going to try it out tomorrow once the modern part gets in. It needed a modern thermocouple. I believe I can put it in on my own, & if I can, I will be starting to use it tomorrow. I really need some more heating in my house. My heater just cannot seem to keep up entirely well. I hope that I can use this propane fireplace, however I highly doubt it. If it puts off even a slight aroma, I believe it will make me sick. I forgot to ask my friend, who I purchased it from if it put off any propane aroma.

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