I have a entirely  nice fireplace in my garage

I have a entirely nice fireplace in my garage

I have no idea where I get things.

  • I just cleaned out my garage the other day, & I found so many things that I didn’t even know that I had.

It amazed me that I entirely did not remember even purchasing these things, however one of the things that I found was a entirely nice fireplace. It was a propane fireplace, so I believe that is why we have never used it in the house, however I still don’t remember buying it. I asked my hubby about the fireplace, & she said that she doesn’t remember getting it either. It is sort of creepy. Maybe someone sneaked into our garage & gave us a fireplace. That would be kind of unusual though. I mean who breaks into someone’s garage & leaves gifts for them. I have decided that I am going to ask around to see if any of my friends remember when we got that fireplace or who gave it to us. I took some pictures of it because I am going to put it up for sale on the internet. It will entirely sell pretty hastily because it is new. I would put it in my family room, however I just cannot kneel the aroma of propane. I know that I would regret my decision if I put it in the family room even if it looked rather nice. I am thinking about getting an electric fireplace for my family room instead. I know that it will cost a little bit more cash to run, however at least it will not put off a foul smell.


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