I want to get rid of my gas furnace for two giant  reasons

I want to get rid of my gas furnace for two giant reasons

I am a single mom.

I worry about my children a lot.

I worry when they are not dwelling on time. I worry about them playing activitys. There is just one thing I want and that is to control them. I want to tell them what to do. That way, I could never worry as a mother. I would always know what they are doing. It would be great. I also worry every time our furnace stops toiling. This has been happening a lot lately it seems. Our furnace might be getting older. I hope it is time for a upgradement soon. I would care about that for a couple of reasons. One reason is that I would not have to worry about it. I would not have to worry about it because when it breaks it could leak fumes into the home. I have a gas heater. Occasionally when gas heaters cut down, they leak gas fumes into your home. It is always best to have a carbon monoxide detector in your dwelling for this. My good friend and I have one in our dwelling and luckily it has never gone off. This is why I worry when it does not work correctly. I scared it could be other gases. I am scared it might be affecting us. I do not want to upgrade it though until I genuinely need too. ANother reason I want to upgrade it is because it is not efficient. It does not cost as much as an electric heater. It is not as efficient as an electric furnace though. The heat tends to feel spotty and my pal and I spend money a little extra on our energy bills each month.

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